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Scale Content Revenue


Solutions for content publishers, media companies, content platforms & ad marketplaces

Programmatic Ad Sales & Operations

Build better audience segments and improve targeting with customized content insights.


Predict Campaign Performance

Transform ad performance and increase ROAS by testing ad creative without test campaigns.


Terms Maps

Your existing content.

Maximize the value of your content inventory

Annotate, normalize, and contextualize your content inventory across formats.

Learn about context-aware content annotation with our Taxonomy Engine.

Your ideal audience.

Reach your most interested audience

Improve audience segmentation and ad targeting without invasive tracking.

Learn about interest-based audience segmentation with our Audience Builder.

Keyword Correlations
Predictive Ad Performance

Your best ad ROI ever.

Optimize your ad spend before it’s spent

Pick winning ad creatives the first time. Skip the expensive trial-and-error campaigns.

Learn about predictive ad performance with Performance Predict.

Get more ROI from existing content.

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